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Racing videography can be a very powerful addition to your racing media! It's a great way to stand out of the crowd with unique, intriguing, and entertaining content for yourself, your team, or your sponsors.

We offer a variety of video services, which vary in price depending on what you're looking to have done. Have something in mind? We can work closely with you to make your vision come to life. Looking for more guidance? We'll help you get a video that will stand out and best fits your needs. 

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With our racing video, broadcast, and media experience we'd love to offer our advice as to what would be most helpful and worth your time and money. If you'd like to have a video done, contact us with any questions and get started today! Video services are limited due to travel and busy race schedules.


Video prices


Starts at $400

Check out some video examples below!

Show off your sponsor with unique video content that they'll love. This works great for your social media, website, and more, as well as their's! 

We've learned that sponsors always love to see this type of engagement, and it's a great way to help them get more return on their marketing investment.


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Skagit Dirt Cup Day 1
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